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January 29, 2009



Thanks for the generative framework of the Seven Most Important Questions. I found them very useful, inspirational and anchored in an orientation to optimize and commit to what's possible and important.

The call was even more useful in that I was able to see a new interpretation of what’s most important to me with the coaching guidance and conversation that you provided. The big realization was that we can’t see those aspects of ourselves that are barriers or challenges within who we’re being without having some facilitated process to arrive at new seeing.

I was able to see and experience what’s most important in a new way that more deeply serves what I care about and who I am. Your coaching enabled me to see a fundamental and new way of being that made a huge difference in my focus of what’s important. Thanks for the collaborative and effective approach that you provided.


Tobias Mayer

This is a beautifully written and thought provoking piece. As so many of us in the Agile community are struggling to make changes in the organizations we work in, it is easy to overlook the changes and growth necessary in ourselves for such ambitious transformation to be authentic, and ultimately meaningful.

In my work as a trainer and coach, I remind people that change begins at the level of the individual, but rarely get beyond offering them questions that resemble your Q6 and Q7. This article offers a solid framework for actually considering and implementing the necessary change in a thoughtful and considered way. It inspires personal truth. Thanks for writing this.

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