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May 12, 2009




I enjoyed your posting and your three capabilities resonate with me and my effort to stay in a positive orientation and moving towards a future that is worth creating. What are your thoughts about the capability to collaborate, to connect with others to synergize efforts, to get support and to leverage a larger possibility?




I didn't expand on my notion of leadership, however, I see the capabilities you ask about to be included within that.

For example, you can't lead others unless you can lead yourself. I call this Self-leadership. This is not just leading in your own life, which is what I call self-leadership (little "s"), but also leadership by the Self (big "S").

When you become Self-led, you realize that your greatest and most powerful act of leadership is to evoke and support Self-leadership in others. This kind of leadership results in a highly collaborative and synergistic teamwork.

Thanks for the question.


Ray Guillette


Great essay! I'm totally with you. I've been working to express these values as well, by envisioning technological situations that would condition more trusting relations between people and nations. For example, I've just published a short video demonstrating an mobile phone application called giveā€¢get. Imagine that every cellphone has a give list (stuff we can give away) and a get list (stuff we need to get). When we pass each other on the street our phones talk to each other. If there is a match, both phones ring.

I'm guessing that if this is made, the social effect is that we start to notice the people we pass every day. You never know when your phone will ring! Plus, the context for noticing people is that they may be able to help you, or vice versa.

Anyways, I'm happy to discover your work and will be checking in here regularly.

Take Care,

David Surrenda


Just found your website and I love this post. It really speaks to exactly what I am communicating in my role and work. I am working to create exactly those conditions and I speak about them in very similar ways.

I would be glad to speak to you about it in a more private post. Contact me.

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